We’ve wanted to f***ing talk to Monique for some time. Monique has a f***ing impressive resume – she is currently a City Council Candidate for Ward 8, she is a transformative CEO, International speaker, author, board member, advocate & catalyst for change in the social sector. 

Monique shares with us her unique experiences in social work, specifically in her role as a CEO for one of Canada’s top 100 charities. Her thoughts on ‘housing first’ and reframing the focus from victim and perpetrator to the children when supporting the victims of domestic violence demonstrate the innovative approaches Monique and her team introduced at Discovery House. 

Monique also gives her insight into advice for new leaders including the advantages of volunteering on non-profit boards as a way of gaining important experience in the power of influence and the importance of mentoring. Hope you enjoy this f***ing awesome conversation with Monique.

The quote Russell referred to in the podcast is “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” Variations of this quote have been attributed to a number of people.

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