Change your culture

The SHIFT Program

91% of executives view culture as very important at their firms, and 78% consider culture as one of the top three or five factors that affect their firms’ value. These high performing leaders know the easiest way to increase productivity, engagement and profitability is by leveraging culture.

Yet most don’t know where to start.

Even thinking about culture gives most leaders a headache. So they move on to other, more easily digestible issues with more apparent solutions, and leave their most valuable business asset to either atrophy or morph organically on its own without supervision.

You don’t need to put up with that any longer. SHIFT addresses a problem central in any organization; it allows you to talk in a concrete way about culture.

The Shift Program

Company Programs

Corporate Culture Change

When your entire organization is aligned from top to bottom, everyone knows what is expected of them. And they’re excited to do it. They know your purpose, they know your strategy, and they see clearly how they fit into it. They don’t just repeat your values. Your values guide their decisions, so you don’t have to micro-manage them. With a corporate-wide SHIFT, you get something better than buy-in. You get ownership.

No two SHIFT programs are alike, although they each contain common elements. Reach out to begin a conversation about how you can easily create a customized SHIFT program to accomplish your business goals.

Departments and Teams

Shaping a High-Performance Team

Your department or team has its own way of doing things. But most of it happens out of sight, in the subconscious, in the way people interact, collaborate and conflict. If your people have created their own sub-culture they may have done so without even realizing it. That means no one is driving the car. If your sub-culture is not aligned to corporate values, then your people are not aligned to strategy and you are not achieving your mission.  Its time to get in the driver’s seat.

Half-day workshop: $3,500

Full-day workshop: $5,500

Individual SHIFT Program

Personal values assessment and growth

When your or your employees are disengaged, 75% of the time it’s because of a conflict between the corporation’s values and their own individual personal values. When there’s a persistent tension between you and a colleague, 60% of the time it can be resolved by surfacing what values are in conflict. When your team is constantly in conflict with one another, surfacing what values are at play can make collaboration run more smoothly 100% of the time.

One-to-one or two-to-one personal coaching
in-person $200/hr, online: $150/hr

Team personal values workshop
with one-on-one follow-up: $3,500

Consultant Certification

Do it yourself. Become an expert in SHIFT through our consultant/facilitator certification.

Live online learning, September 2021
In-person learning, Calgary, December 2021

You can get started right now!

Start right now by ordering your copy of the SHIFT card deck.

It can be used by business owners, managers and their teams to talk in concrete terms about your culture and what needs to shift from ordinary to exceptional. Facilitators can use it to help their clients grapple with their culture or coach high performance teams. And everyone can use it to develop their own personal values and shift themselves.