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A collection of articles and video-blogs from Ken Cameron.

“That was a fascinating article, just fascinating. Hit me like a lightning bolt, phenomenal.”
Malcolm Dort, P.Eng. , LEED AP
City of Calgary
1302, 2024

85 – Good F***ing Communications Can Fix Almost Everything with Simon Heath

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Simon is the author of “The Invisible Asset: How Good Communications Can Fix Almost Everything”.  He is an Executive Communications Coach who has been delivering communications coaching to executives since 1996. And most importantly, he was Ken’s coach and mentor, who taught him to speak in front of a crowd. 

3001, 2024

84 – How to F***ing Collaborate Online

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We talk about online and remote collaboration with Jonathan White a Designated Miro Expert. If you haven’t explored the online whiteboarding platform at (or one of its knock-offs) during the pandemic, Jon is here to tell you all about it. If your question is ever “What do we do with our meeting?”, his response will definitely be “Create a Miro board!”

512, 2023

80 – AI Is Here for F***ing Good, with Israel Peck

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Israel Peck is an entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant. About 7 years ago, his life took a big turn during a night out in San Francisco, when he had his first encounter with an AI company. It captivated him and he was hooked.  Now Israel runs a tech startup called Cratic, focused on AI and team culture. He has found an exciting link between AI and therapeutic techniques to help people and teams talk and communicate better. This improves businesses and lives through cool uses of machine learning. Israel talks about a hopeful future — and a World where we all have machine learning tools helping us think and work and live our best lives. 


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