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A collection of articles and video-blogs from Ken Cameron.

“That was a fascinating article, just fascinating. Hit me like a lightning bolt, phenomenal.”
Malcolm Dort, P.Eng. , LEED AP
City of Calgary
811, 2022

52 – The girl who cried F***ing wolf with her mental health with Michelle Berg

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Are we using mental health as a get out of jail free card? Michelle Berg shares an example of an employee who avoided being held accountable by returning with a doctor’s note. As a result the issues of accountability and expectations can’t be challenged and we can’t help the person get better at their job. Could this have been avoided? What would happen if we just stopped being scared. Along the way Michelle shares her own experiences with working in (and contributing to) a toxic work environment, why terminations should be the easiest thing you do and how sometimes HR gets a bad rap … and why it's well deserved.

2510, 2022

51 – Lessons From The Pharmacy – The 5 F***ing Steps To Avoiding Conflict with Jerry Fu

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The boys virtually venture to Texas for this episode, to talk with conflict resolution coach, pharmacist and salsa dancer Jerry Fu. Jerry works with Asian-American professionals on their career and life journeys. He focuses on resolving clients' conflict at work, in culture, and within themselves.

1110, 2022

50 – I Got Fired By My Best F***ing Friend with Tyler Foley

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We’re joined by Sean Tyler Foley, who technically was fired by his best friend’s Dad because his best friend chickened out. But it was a family company and we thought “I Got Fired By My Best F***ing Friend” made a better title, so facts be damned. Tyler tells us about how being fired was an unexpected gift, and how it set him on the path to the work he was better suited to. Tyler also gives us some insight into his work with executives and CEOs, helping them show up powerfully behind the mic to gain the exposure they need. 

1309, 2022

48 – Like the movie ‘Cool Runnings’, but even f***ing better – in conversation with former Olympic Bobsledder Jayson Krause

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In this episode the boys talk to former Olympic Bobsledder Jayson Krause about his experiences as a leader and coaching leaders, his new book "The Science Behind Success - What every leader needs to know about mindset, influence, culture and performance" and the most difficult f***ing conversation of Jayson's career - when he left bobsledding for good. Learn how honesty, vulnerability and an openness to letting people express their views are a key to success in navigating this difficult workplace conversation. Jayson is now the Managing Director at Level 52, providing executive coaching and customized leader development to a range of C-Suite clients worldwide.

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