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A collection of articles and video-blogs from Ken Cameron.

“That was a fascinating article, just fascinating. Hit me like a lightning bolt, phenomenal.”
Malcolm Dort, P.Eng. , LEED AP
City of Calgary
2003, 2023

Psychedelics Are On Their Way To Your Boardroom. And Your Heart.

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Psychedelics are breaking out of the therapy room into your [...]

2802, 2023

60 – What makes a great leader is common sense, but common sense isn’t so f***ing common

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Meet Anila (Umar) Lee Yuen, President & CEO at the Centre for Newcomers in Calgary, martial arts advocate … and cosplayer. Anila tell us why we have to remember that not EVERYTHING needs to be called out: and she also tells us about the life lessons taught to her by Ahsoka, the Padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker and hero of the Clone Wars.

1402, 2023

59 – The importance of Mindfulness and f***ing chocolate

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In this episode Ken and Russell talk to Melissa Mueller-Douglas, CEO of MYRetreat Inc. Melissa is a mindfulness expert, licensed master social worker, volleyball player and world traveler. As CEO of MYRetreat, she works as a catalyst to create the environment for genuine team building through chocolate instead of trust falls. Our conversation explores a number of topics including the concept of Mindfulness and why we need to practice mindfulness to achieve success, why she uses chocolate in her workshops, imposter syndrome and why Melissa doesn't have it.


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