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A collection of articles and video-blogs from Ken Cameron.

“That was a fascinating article, just fascinating. Hit me like a lightning bolt, phenomenal.”
Malcolm Dort, P.Eng. , LEED AP
City of Calgary
806, 2021

15 – Who’s F***ing Line Is It Anyway – an interview with actor/improviser Nicole Zylstra

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Ken and Russell wanted to f***ing talk to long time friend and collaborator Nicole Zylstra about her work as an improviser, actor, director and playwright. Nicole draws on her work as a leading light in the Calgary Improv Scene to discuss how this artistic approach can be used in the business world. 

1105, 2021

13 – The Worst F***ing Bosses

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Many of us have had or currently have a great manager, but many of us will also have had/have a f***ing nightmare of a boss, someone who drives you and your co-workers f***ing crazy. In this episode Ken and Russell discuss a collection of the worst f***ing bosses submitted by our listeners.

3003, 2021

10 – The Sun Hat

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Do you have colleagues wearing a Sun Hat in your workplace? If they are disengaged, disgruntled or just plain disappointed, then they’re wearing a Sun Hat. In this episode Ken & Russell share the consequences to your organization of someone wearing a Sun Hat and what causes them to don this particular piece of headgear. Also, Russell waxes poetic about work life in the auld country.

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