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The Future is Coming

COVID-19, collapsing oil prices, the World Health Organization under investigation … You’re probably wondering “What the F@#% is going to happen next?”

The Future Is Coming offers you a glimpse at what might lie ahead. This custom-designed card deck can randomly generate potential future states. The accompanying five-step process allows you to scan the horizon for what might lie ahead and craft a possible response that allows you to turn threats into business opportunities. We’ve used this technique with hundreds of clients as both an educational exercise and a practical business tool.

You can explore this tool in three different ways.

Book a full-day workshop

for your board, stakeholders, department or team.

Our clients find it incredibly valuable to dig into potential future scenarios that are customized to them. We help you brainstorm potential threats, prioritize what matters and transform those into potential opportunities that allow you to get ahead of the competition. The results can be converted into a strategic plan that is immediately applicable. In only a day we leave you with the tools you need to consistently scan the horizon and turn resilience into a core behaviour.

Full-Day Workshop: $5,500

Book a half-day workshop

to tackle a specific issue

The power of The Future Is Coming is that it allows you to focus on a narrow challenge without distraction. We help you define the problem, get the right minds looking at all the angles and find the opportunities you need to explore. Within only four hours you’ll have developed an action plan that can be immediately implemented and with which you can hold your team accountable.

Half-Day Workshop: $3,500

Do it yourself

And become an expert.

If you’re a facilitator, consultant or intrapreneur, you don’t need me. You just need The Future Is Coming and the opportunity to grow your skills in a safe environment. That’s why we offer a certification program, with online and in-person options. It’s a turn-key workshop that you can incorporate into your business immediately. The training exposes you to all 10,000 possible scenarios and provides tools to deal with each. You walk away with decks, agenda, PowerPoint, lecture notes, video support and a growing community of practice.

Expert training: $5,500.

Join our next cohort, live online in October 2021.

What People Are Saying

“The Stampede’s Board engaged in the Future Is Coming workshop shortly after its development, and we were thrilled with the results. The exercise allowed the Board to examine each element of our core business and test their appetite for risk in the face of volatile economic and political environments. The workshop was directly applicable to the development of our three-year strategic plan, which in turn allowed the organization to translate the strategy into a robust business plan.

“The success of that plan has inspired the organization to continue along the same strategic approach for our next plan, which will be a 5-year plan to align with the fulfillment of our 20-year Master Plan. I would highly recommend the workshop for organizations that are engaging in strategic planning or are facing disruptions within their industry.”

—LaVonne Walt, VP Volunteer Services, Communications & Corporate Secretary

Do you prefer to learn on your own?

Start right now by ordering your copy of the Future is Coming card deck—a custom-designed card deck that can randomly generate potential future states.

It can be used by business owners, managers and their teams to tackle real-world challenges specific to their business. Facilitators can use it to help their clients to grapple with their strategic plan or gain a wider perspective or their industry. And everyone can use it to develop forecasting skills and enhance creative problem-solving skills.