4 06, 2024

94 – From Purpose to F***ing Profit with Erin Andrea Craske

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Erin is a business and leadership success coach.  She’s got over 20 years of hands-on experience. She’s got a portfolio spanning 40 industry lead brands in global companies. Erin‘s leadership skills have transformed mindset, elevated brand profiles and driven unprecedented performance, all while fostering, authentic and respectful relationships. And as you know, that’s the core of our podcast and that’s why we’re excited to chat with Erin.

4 06, 2024

93 – Let’s talk about F***ing Persuasion

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Meet Carlos Alvarenga, the author of “The Rules of Persuasion". His book explains exactly how persuasion works in all forms of human communication. It uses insights and examples from art to history to literature to hip-hop. Carlos tells us about an uncomfortable conversation in which he refused a promotion because he was the only Latino at the firm.

21 05, 2024

92 – Tom Fox is the guy who wrote the F***ing book (on compliance)

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Tom is literally the guy who wrote the book on compliance with the international compliance best seller “The Compliance Handbook, 5th edition”.. along with 30 other books and just as many podcasts on the award-winning Compliance Podcast Network and hosting or producing multiple award-winning podcasts. Who knew that Tom could make compliance so F-ing interesting? Tom also tells us about how he failed in the most challenging conversation of his working career, and what we can learn from his experience. 

7 05, 2024

91 – Randy McCord is the F***ing National Best

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Randy is the founder of National Best Financial Network, one of the most innovative, independent Life Insurance brokerages in Canada for sole proprietors or incorporated professionals.  In addition, Randy has facilitated over 250 workshops and training courses in his career … and through his free monthly workshop, he teaches others how to network properly.

23 04, 2024

90 – Entrepreneurs! Stop the f***ing juggling act, a conversation with Kari Lotzien

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In this episode Russell needs to f***ing talk to Kari Lotzien. Kari specializes in personalized coaching and leadership training tailored to help entrepreneurs regain control of their time and find their spark again. Her mission is to assist you in creating a business that not only thrives in the present but can survive for years as your life changes.

9 04, 2024

89 – The f***ing power of improv with Jessica Belbin

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In this episode Russell talks with Jessica Belbin. Jessica is a facilitator, improviser, performer and writer. She facilitates workshops that use improv to help evolve the soft skills of people. A former broadcaster, she understands the power of great communication and believes the world should take improv classes to better their communication skills.

26 03, 2024

88 – Step outside the f***ing perimeter with Ken Cameron

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In this episode Russell talks to Ken about his recent work at a strategic board retreat when Ken utilized one of Chris McGoff's tools from his book 'The Primes' relating to Perimeters. When individuals convene, they erect boundaries. These boundaries delineate topics deemed acceptable for discussion, effectively constraining the discourse within a predefined realm. Such conversations invariably yield predictable results.

12 03, 2024

87 – The f***ing doctor will see you now – with Dr. Liora Elias

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Dr. Liora Elias is a college professor at University of Minnesota, a communication and sexuality subject expert, and an enneagram consultant. Dr Elias works with the enneagram to help clients and therapists build their capacity to be more themselves. She is also a six on the anagram  which means she is playful and curious and has a tendency to overthink everything. 

27 02, 2024

86 – Lessons from the psychotherapists f***ing couch, with Lindsay Tsang

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This episode, we need to f***ing talk to Lindsay Tsang. Lindsay is a registered psychotherapist and executive coaching expert. He brings unique blend of psychological insight and practical business acumen. He specializes in guiding CEOs and business owners of small to medium size enterprises to create sustainable, happy and effective workplaces.

13 02, 2024

85 – Good F***ing Communications Can Fix Almost Everything with Simon Heath

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Simon is the author of “The Invisible Asset: How Good Communications Can Fix Almost Everything”.  He is an Executive Communications Coach who has been delivering communications coaching to executives since 1996. And most importantly, he was Ken’s coach and mentor, who taught him to speak in front of a crowd. 


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