Hi everyone! Ken Cameron with Corporate Culture Shift. We’re in the last week of our ATB Booster Campaign in support of our SHIFT Card Deck.

Thanks for joining us and thanks for your interest in the SHIFT Card Deck.

If you’re just joining us now, we’ve been doing a series of blogs of all for several weeks. Lets take the opportunity to go back and listen to all of those in those logs that we’ve been doing a deep dive into every one of the different suits that make up the SHIFT Card Deck.

Today, what we want to do is talk about The FlipSide and I’ve got a guest with me here!

Alexandra Hatcher. She’s the lead researcher on our projects, and she was invaluable to the development of this project.

Talk us through The FlipSide…
What does it mean?

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When we were developing the cars, we realized pretty early on that it wasn’t just about what that value stood for, but it was also if there was an absence of that or too much of that, that could be detrimental to the organization and the way in which it operates.

We made the decision to include The FlipSide on each of the cards so that there was an opportunity to have the conversation about the risk of not having that as part of who you are as an organization or having too much of that.

Go through a couple of them and let’s share a couple of examples of that.

Take three cards here. Under the Organizational suit, we have efficiency and effectiveness on the cards, and if you literally flip them to the other side, it provides you with a bit of a statement about what to think about when thinking of the lack of or too much at.

To much focus on Efficiency without careful attention to the desired outcome can lead to lost profits.

Within efficiency and effectiveness, it’s really about when you are not prioritizing, and looking at how to create efficiency and effectiveness. You can be spending all of your resources, time, people, and money on things that don’t matter.

If you’re trying to fit in too much of efficiency…

You might be getting into some soloed work, or very prescriptive work, where you’re not actually being efficient with your time. You’re just doing things because they need to fit into that particular box.

There is a downside… It’s about finding that balance.

As an example, we have Abundance here. I’ll talk about abundance.

This is one of my favorite cards. It is one of the core values and it is isolated in one of our previous VLOGs.

Abundance is an abundance mentality.

It believes that resources and opportunities are unlimited and it means that everybody can have a win-win opportunity, because the more opportunities you create for others, the more opportunities that they can create and more benefits return back to you.

It really demands that with a win-win mindset and a certainty, we can do more together than we can do alone.

Now The FlipSide of Abundance is a Scarcity Mindset in which organizations or individuals view assets, reserves or supplies or knowledge as being limited and they feel an obligation to hoard those resources internally within the organization.

Now one of the things that’s interesting about the Abundance versus Scarcity Mindset is both are valuable at different times…

For instance, if you’ve got something that is really strict proprietary knowledge, or if you have an invention that hasn’t been released yet, but obviously is not something that you want to open source or if it’s something that you own a patent on.

Tesla is a great example of this.

They’ve got a number of patents in a number of pieces of technology that they decided to throw open to the world, because they believed that they could get farther together than they could alone.

That’s an example of the abundance mindset. Interesting!

Here we have Creativity…

which for an organization that is maybe more traditional, like a financial institution or an insurance company, you may not think that creativity would be necessarily a value, but the lack of creativity or “The FlipSide” can actually lead to stagnation and potentially, I’m not thinking about new things that are falling into old habits.

Having an Absence of Creativity can be a detriment to organizational operations as well.

With just too much creativity it may not necessarily be stagnation, but it could lead to not actually accomplishing the thing that you are setting out to do. It’s always just about the act of creating something.

I’m not doing that with a purpose to move forward.

There’s that Abundance and Scarcity thing a little bit too, in that if you have too much, it’s one thing and if you have too little it can be another.

Not both of those not necessarily being a good thing.

One of my colleagues, Jeff de Boer, who is a sculptor, talks about one of the problems that are one of the differences between the arts and business, is that the business is really great at iteration.

Once you’ve created a product that does it over and over again, it finds efficiencies and savings and scale…

But one of the things that they really suck at in business sometimes is creation, whereas artists have the exact opposite problem.

They’ll create something over and over again, but they don’t iterate well because a lot of artists feel that if they do the same thing again, then there’ll be accused of just copying themselves or being stuck in a rut, so they don’t actually iterate well.

I think that as an artist myself with a background in theater, I find that kind of different, and really interesting.

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I believe it was that kind of thinking that helped lead me, and us to the idea of The FlipSide in the first place!

Thanks for joining us for this important part of the conversation where we talked about The FlipSide.

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