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"It was impressive to see Ken facilitate very unique, creative and innovative workshops while keeping connected to our business strategies and end goals... (read the rest here) 

- Jackie Barber

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do something different!

Different is the name of the game at Corporate Culture Shift...

You don't want another boring seminar for your employees to sit through just so you can check off that you did training this year.

Your team will rave for months about the awesome programs they go through with Ken and his partners.


How to Handle Difficult Conversations With Those You Lead

This revolutionary approach leads managers through a systematic process for addressing employee performance and attitude problems in a way that is less likely to create problems for your organization and more likely to get employees back on track.

Culture is in the cards

The #1 Revenue Driver for Any Organization

Rarely do we look at a company's culture as being a driver of revenue, but in actuality, few things impact an organizations ability to turn a profit more than culture.

The Future Is Coming

Is Your Organization Ready for the Future?

The future is coming whether we're ready or not. Like a steam engine railing down the tracks, you're either going to get on board with change or get crushed by change. So how do you prepare for what's coming?

Communication vs. Presenting

Communicating vs. Presenting

The art of skilled presentation has been lost over time. Boring slide shows and disengaged audiences result in communication getting lost or losing impact potentially resulting in lost opportunity (and revenue).

meeting facilitation

5 Secrets Behind Facilitating Great Meetings

Meeting facilitation is a lost skill. Few leaders are experts at getting consensus among their team members. Boards find themselves in deadlock. How can you get past these differences and find a common direction?