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Updated: Jan 13, 2019

NOTHING impacts an organizations ability to turn a profit OR accomplish goals more than that organization's culture...

Want proof?

  • The UK-based HR magazine reports that a third (34%) of British employees have quit their jobs as a result of an unhealthy corporate culture costing the UK economy £23.6 billion per year.

Studies have shown that the cost of replacing and training an employee is the equivalent of 6 to 9 months salary...

Culture, according to their article, is a business issue, not merely an HR issue.

The CEO and executive team should take responsibility for an organization’s culture,” they advise, “with HR supporting that responsibility through measurement, process, and infrastructure.

A recent survey of 1461 North American CEOs and CFOs, finds that the business world is heeding this advice.

  • 91% of executives view culture as very important at their firms, and 78% consider culture as one of the top 3 or 5 factors that affect their firms’ value.

Rarely do we look at a company's culture as being a driver of revenue, but consequences of not developing your culture intentionally can be potentially devastating...

  • poor sales,

  • high employee turn-over

  • low-productivity

  • work-place conflict

  • "I hate my boss" syndrome

... the root of all of these problems is employee disengagement caused by a poor organizational culture.

Fortunately for you, your Culture is in the Cards

It's hard to improve your culture until you identify it...

At Corporate Culture Shift, we use a story-telling technique aided by a deck of 100 full-colour cards to help your employees identify and describe positive cultural experiences in your workplace.


We help them use those stories to create a set of values to reinforce what’s working and identify where your employees or team see themselves going.

Armed with input from your employee base, you can determine which elements of your existing culture you wish to reinforce and which you need to prune away.

The workshop is just as effective for an individual team OR entire organizations.

Because small groups can form their own sub-cultures, the workshop can be used to determine what makes a group function at its best, and then coach the individual team to live those values among themselves.

These values can be posted in the work room reinforced at the begging of regular team meetings or even be embedded within a team charter.

Culture Is In The Cards is an AWARD WINNING workshop that can help you identify and strategically improve your organization's culture.

... And we can give your employees ownership of that culture at the same time.

The cards were created by more than fifty volunteers from the Group Pattern Language Project, who collaborated over three years, and this workshop, recognized with the Facilitation Impact Award (Platinum Award) by the International Association of Facilitators, was developed by the Corporate Culture SHIFT team in conjunction with the City of Calgary Cultural Transformation team.

It led to Corporate Culture Shift being recognized as Organization of the Year by the International Association of Public Participation (Canada) for The Cultural Transformation Project/City of Calgary, and it's now available to your organization!

Ken Cameron has coached many senior business leaders, lead workshops for engaged leaders and facilitated retreats for dynamic organizations including The City of Calgary, The United Way, TEC Canada and The Calgary Stampede.

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