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Organization vs. Society

Hi everyone!

Welcome back. I'm Ken Cameron from Corporate Culture Shift and we've been talking about the SHIFT Card Deck because we're right in the middle of our ATB Boostr crowdfunding campaign.

We're also, in light of the Alberta election, going to talk today about organization and society, because both of these two things must be balanced against one another.

This is really kind of what's been at the heart of a lot of the election debate and the a lot of the election talk, so whether you're listening to this before the election or after the election, it's still appropriate, and whether in fact the election doesn't even pay into it at all, because every organization needs to focus on the fundamentals.

Here's The Organization Card....

Because, in order to maintain an organization you have to consistently monitor these fundamentals...

Let's take a look at some of the cards that are within the organization suite.

We're looking at:

  • profitability

  • financial sustainability

  • return on investment

  • efficiency and effectiveness

  • risk awareness

  • systems and structures

  • succession management, and

  • governance.

Now one of the great things about running a crowdfunding campaign is that you can begin to engage into a dialogue with the people who are interested in the cards.

One of these individuals who actually supported our card deck and committed to getting one of the card decks started engaging with me online in a dialogue about how in his financial services organization he talks about a lot of things that we cover in the card deck.

So we started specifically talking about the organization suite of cards, and one of the things we realized together was that...

You don't often find an organization that includes profitability as one of their core articulate values,
or articulates risk awareness as one of their core values...

Yet many of these things are fundamental core values to certain organizations, but they exist as kind of the operating system, like on your iPhone.

It's the kind of thing that's running in the background, but without that none of the other apps on your iPhone are going to work...

So let's look at them again....

  • You need profitability.

  • You need financial sustainability in order to have a stable organization.

  • You need to be focusing on return on investment.

  • You need to be focusing on efficiency and effectiveness in order to make sure that your organization is strong on the fundamentals.

At the same time,...

  • You need to also be risk aware.

  • You need to have strong systems and structures.

  • You need to be focusing on succession management

  • and on good governance.

Without these essential elements, your organization, whether it's a for profit company or a not for profit company, is not going to have a stable base upon which to build.


If all you're focusing on is the organization then you run the risk of running an organization that is detrimental to society.

Every organization...

Every business...

Needs to also be considering what they're contributing to society!

Even if it's just in terms of the product that they're providing to society or the service they're providing to their client's that's within their smaller sphere of society.

These elements and the cards within The Society Suite are equally vital and equally important, so let's take a look at some of those...

The Society Suite

Social Responsibility

Of course we've got social responsibility....

That's probably where your mind ran in the first place. That's why it's the first card.

You've also got environmental sustainability.


We've also got to think about Citizenship,

because the organization that focuses on creating civil spaces for some of their people or that takes a public stance on a particular issue in addition to social responsibility or environmental sustainability is a very particular kind of organization.


There's another kind of organization that might focus in spirituality, an organization that is driven by their own religious belief or by their larger spiritual beliefs.

It could be a very different kind of organization.


Several organizations are driven by a kind of a constituency base.

We were just talking about the Alberta election, so that's probably where your mind goes when we think about constituency, but we could also be thinking about a charity that serves a particular segment of society, or even a for profit company that serves a particular segment of society.


Many organizations focus on safety, particularly in terms of industrial manufacturing or resource extraction. Safety can be a core element, but also


Community is really interesting, because the way that you can, if your organization is connected to community, then you can really leverage that community to engage your employees.

And finally,


Because an organization that thinks and takes an abundance mentality rather than a scarcity mentality, when it approaches its business and its approach to how that business relates to a society is a very different kind of organization.

So that's just a quick tour through two very different card suites, the society card and the organization card, which in my view work together to create a healthy organization.

Hopefully you found that interesting!

Thanks very much for listening to this vlog post.

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Check it out and see if it's for you. Take care. Bye-bye.