Motivational Techniques for Individuals on your Team

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Ken Cameron from Corporate Culture Shift here and we're talking about the SHIFT Card Deck because we're in the middle of our ATB BoostR campaign.

Thanks for joining us as we talk about each of the major cards within the SHIFT Card Deck.

The Shift Card Deck is an amazing tool that allows you to articulate the individual values of the individuals in your organization, also the organizational values, draw a connection between those two.

It also allows you to shift the elements of your organization's culture and drive employee engagement.

We've been doing a series of vlog posts on each of these major categories within the card deck.

There's 81 cards broken into nine different categories.

Today we're going to discuss motivation techniques for individuals on your team.

Which brings us to the two major categories we're going to talk about today...


Teamwork is essential to drive any organization and to drive any impact in any organization and in any business, but to be an effective team, everyone has to set aside their individual self interest and focus on the best interest of the team

In order to do that there are eight cards (or skillsets) within the team category that you can use to build effective teams...

You can use these to focus your team, to bind your team together and to get your team working effectively as a group, and one of the things we encourage leaders to do, is if you have a weekly meeting, you can set aside 10 minutes at the begging of each meeting to focus on one of these different elements within the team card deck and over the course of eight weeks you would have an easy, rapid, eight week team building program.

Let's go through each of those one at a time...

1. Trust

Your team can't function without trust.

2. Recognition

It's up to you as the leader to recognize the individuals on your team for good behavior, the behavior, the kinds of values that you want to reinforce so that the rest of the team has a benchmark to live up to.

3. Challenge

As human beings, we thrive on challenge, but the challenge has to be just slightly out of reach. Too far out of reach and we tend to give up. If it's too easy then it's not a challenge. So setting the right kind of challenge is vital to binding your team together.

4. Relationships

As human beings, we come from a tribal mentality, so reinforcing the relationships between the members on your team is vital, particularly if you have a cross functional team that doesn't work together every single day, or even if they work in different cities or different countries.

5. Vulnerability

The members of your team will bond together more effectively the more vulnerable they can be with one another, and that vulnerability needs to be demonstrated by you the leader.

6. Transparency

A great way to demonstrate vulnerability is to be transparent, and it's also important to be transparent about the reasons why you're making the decisions that you're making. It's important to be as transparent as you can, and when you can't be transparent, to explain that you can't always be entirely transparent so that they know where those limits are, so that they know you're not just hiding something from them, which leads us to the seventh card in the team suite...

7. Candid Dialogue

As a leader, it's up to you to reinforce candid dialogue amongst members of your team so that they're not afraid to challenge you on things, so that they're not afraid to bring forward different points of view. It's up to you as a leader to value those different points of view so that you can encourage candid dialogue.

8. Play

Then the final card within the team suite is play. It's really important that your team bonds through play. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to take your team bowling every week or you have to go go-karting every month, play can be brought into every element of our work every single day. We can learn to enjoy our work if you as the leader bring in an element of play into the work.


Now of course a team is made up of individuals, so there are another eight elements that drive individuals and you can use these elements and these levers to motivate the individuals on your team.


So the first is competition. As humans we're often motivated by competition, but there are some amongst us who will withdraw when the competition gets too difficult. It's very similar to challenge. We've got to be able to compete on a level that we feel comfortable with in a way that's just slightly out of our reach.

2. Satisfaction

As individuals, we are driven when we are satisfied by the work that we're doing, and that also aligns to the purpose card which we discussed on one of our other vlogs.

3. Initiative

The individuals on your team have to take initiative so that they can be the ones driving the organizations towards the strategic plan. What I often say is if you're micromanaging your team, then that means you're the one doing all of the heavy lifting, whereas if the individuals on your team are taking some initiative, then they're helping you with that heavy lifting, and in order to do that, you've got to be giving your employees some...

4. Autonomy

... because autonomy is one of the things that drives employee engagement. When employees don't have an adequate level of autonomy, then they become disengaged from the work that they're doing, but when you give them control over some aspect of their work, not over everything, but over enough aspects of their work where they can determine what they're doing and when they're doing it, then they begin to have a feeling of autonomy and they become engaged with their work as individuals.

5. Opportunity and reward

The individuals on your team need to feel that they're being rewarded for the work that they're doing and that there are opportunities for advancement within the organization, and this doesn't always mean money. Opportunity and reward can also mean that you can reward them with status, you can reward them with new responsibilities, you can reward them with breaks even, but you need to focus on what kinds of opportunities and rewards you're giving to your individuals in order to drive them.

6. Individual growth

Individuals in any organization need to know that they are values as individuals and that their growth as individuals is valued by the organization. Often employees will remain at an organization when there are opportunities for growth even when there isn't an increase in their salaries. So that can be just as valuable

7. Status

Status is very important, and again, we don't always mean money this, and we don't always mean material wealth. You can achieve status through knowledge, you can reinforce status for individuals in the team by reinforcing the way in which they're good team players. So there are a number of different ways you can appeal to an individual status.

8. Work-Life-Health Integration

Then finally within this category, work-life-health integration. I don't mean work-life balance, I mean also work-life-health and the way that it's integrated into the organization. If an organization doesn't give the employees an opportunity to kind of value their own health and balance it against their work, then those employees are invariably gonna burn out.

So those are the drivers for individuals and how you can also use those individuals to forge a valuable team.

Thanks for joining us today when we talked about these two categories, and if you've enjoyed what we've heard today, join us for the rest of our vlogs as we're going through all nine of these major cards.

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