How The SHIFT Cards Fit Together

With Special Guest Alexandra Hatcher

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If you're just joining us now, make sure that you go back and check out all the different blogs we've been doing because we've been doing a tour of the entire card deck and we've been doing a dive into each of the nine suites in the SHIFT Card deck.

Still to come...

  • The Customer, and

  • INTEGRITY... which just happens to be Alexandra's Specialty as an expert in Organizational Values!

But today what we're going to do is we're going to look at the entire suite of cards, and how they all fit together.

So I brought a guest with me again.

Here we have Alexandra Hatcher, who's the lead researcher on the project.

Alexandra has been with us for a couple of blogs, so thanks for coming back again today, Alexandra, because I really want to talk about the whole picture and I think you've got a great way of describing all of this.

So why don't you walk us through what the whole thing looks like.



So within the card deck there are the nine major cards and within each of those, we have the list of the different eight suites within the cards.

So with the customer at the center, you can place the cards around their things and there is a purpose to the way in which we originally organized the suites. That's not to say that they can't be moved around but this is how we originally were thinking of them.

So again we have customer at the center of our matrix.

In the top corner, we have purpose and with that we realized that...

without purpose, you can't have strategy and so those are on the opposite ends of the matrix as they are inextricably linked.

Then we have team and we knew that,

What are teams? They're really groups of individuals...

So we put those as again connected but opposite ends of the matrix.

And then innovation and with innovation we connected that through to integrity and those are also inextricably linked that there is with integrity and innovation, you are starting to move organizations forward.

We have society and within society are the connections through to the organization.

So organizations are made up of individuals and groups, but companies and organizations are a part of that and there's a direct connection in that ecosystem thinking as well.

So when you look at it overall, those are the nine ways in which each of those are connected directly in the original matrix that we designed.

And I liked the way that they kind of play off of one another, that the kind of the organization and society kind of balance each other because...

You can kind of spend a lot of time on the financial success of the organization.
But if you put too much emphasis on that, then it can become at the expense of the greater good of the society.

So they kind of play off of one another!

In the same way you, everybody needs to galvanize as a team, but they need to be, you need to find a way to motivate the individuals so that they can be part of the team. So they also kind of play off of each other as a kind of as kind of an axis.

So I find that those work really well together!

Ken Cameron

You mentioned, Alexandra, that this isn't the only way that a matrix can be put together, and this was a really interesting discovery for us.

I'd been a interviewing someone from the oil and gas business and showing her how the way that we would lay them out and she felt that a lot of the cards resonated, but the way that we laid them out didn't resonate with her.

She said that as an oil and gas company, we would never put the customer at the center of our experience, but would put the process at the center of our organization and we would put the customer off to this side of the axis, a kind of opposite society."

And then kind of everything else still kind of fell into place with her.

That was a really interesting key for us to discover because we realized then that there could be a whole kind of workshop exercise around how an organization might organize these cards...

And so we thought of many, many different ways that you could organize them, and it's an interesting thing.

So for instance, or you could, if you were a financial institution and integrity was one of your central core values, you could put that at the center of your organization and that might really drive your purpose.

Your strategy might be all geared around how you live that value, and you might live that value for the benefit of society, and you might structure your organization to serve that end, then that would in turn be the way in which you galvanized your individuals and your team, which can lead the way in which you innovate for the benefit of your customer......

So you can see that an individual group or a team or a company could try to organize the cards in a way that makes sense and tells a story about their own organization that they feel reflected in it.


Well, I think that's one of the great things about the deck is that you can use it to adapt to your organization...

It's not prescriptive.

It provides you with guides in how to have conversations,

AND to look at your own work and own way that in which you behave as an organization

AND have the way in which it is laid out reflective of that, which is different for all different types of organizations.

Ken Cameron

So this is just one of the many ways in which you can use the Shift Card Deck.

If you're interested in finding out more and you haven't already watched our series of blogs, then go back and check some of those... especially the ones where we've had interviews with Alexandra, And if you're really interested in finding out more about the Shift Card Deck, then click on the link on this page, go to our ATB booster and support our campaign.

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