5 12, 2023

80 – AI Is Here for F***ing Good, with Israel Peck

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Israel Peck is an entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant. About 7 years ago, his life took a big turn during a night out in San Francisco, when he had his first encounter with an AI company. It captivated him and he was hooked.  Now Israel runs a tech startup called Cratic, focused on AI and team culture. He has found an exciting link between AI and therapeutic techniques to help people and teams talk and communicate better. This improves businesses and lives through cool uses of machine learning. Israel talks about a hopeful future — and a World where we all have machine learning tools helping us think and work and live our best lives. 

7 11, 2023

78 – It’s Not an F***ing 30 Minute Conversation

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In this episode I need to F***ing talk to Kerry-Ann Powell. Kerry-Ann Powell has varied experience of over 20 years as a Washington, DC attorney, lobbyist, and fundraiser. After raising $120 million to build the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial she launched her strategic business and consulting firm, Trafalgar Strategies. 

24 10, 2023

77 – Gary Simonds (It’s Not F***ing Brain Surgery. Oh, wait! It IS!)

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The author Margaret Atwood use to roll her eyes when doctors told they wanted to be an author when they retired - as if it was that easy. Well, here comes Gary Simonds, an actual brain surgeon-turned-author. Gary has cared for tens of thousands of critically ill patients AND he has written three non-fiction books on burnout and wellness and writes blog posts for Psychology Today Online. In the realm of fiction, he has recently published a medical/psychological thriller with a paranormal twist entitled, Death's Pale Flag.

10 10, 2023

76 – Am I F***ing Black or am I F***ing White?

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"Am I F***ing Black or am I F***ing White?" asks Michael Fosberg. “F***ing Hell,” said Russell upon first hearing the story of Michael Fosberg from his own lips. A Chicago native, Michael has spoken at nearly a thousand high schools, colleges, government agencies, corporations, law firms and not-for-profits since 2005. He uses his award winning autobiographical story - the journey to find his biological father and the discovery of his Black heritage - told in the form of a one-man play, as an entry point for meaningful dialogues on race and identity. 

12 09, 2023

74 – Facing the 3 F***ing C’s With Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal

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Dr. Taryn is the Founder and Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) of Resilience Leadership Institute. Her TEDx talk, How Resilience Breaks Us Out of Our Vulnerability Cage, went viral with more than 1.3 million views within a months. Her bestselling book, The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People: Why Some Flourish When Others Fold, is endorsed by Arianna Huffington, Daniel Pink, Marshal Goldsmith and many others.

15 08, 2023

72 – Navigating f***ing bias and backlash in an ever polarized workplace – a conversation with Isis Fabian

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In this episode, co-hosts Russell and Ken sit down with Isis Fabian, a renowned Call Out Coach, to discuss the challenges of bias, backlash, and sociocultural change in today's ever-shifting cultural landscape. Isis brings her expertise in navigating high-sensitivity topics and failures of communication across identity groups, providing leaders and teams with the tools to address these issues effectively. Isis shares her background and journey in becoming an expert in bias and failures of communication across identity groups. Isis explains the concept of Call Out Coaching and how it helps individuals and groups navigate bias, backlash, and sociocultural change

1 08, 2023

71 – It’s Time to F***ing Play with Marcy Fortnow

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In this episode, we need to f***ing talk to Marcy Fortnow. Marcy is the owner of Engaging Play, a team building and training company that delivers workshops and programs through traditional training, active facilitation and of course, engaging play.  She develops and delivers experiential learning programs for corporate groups, organizations and boards to raise their leadership level, improve teamwork, enable better communication and problem-solving, and increase productivity.


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