In this episode Ken and Russell f***ing talk to Jerry Dugan from Dallas Texas. Jerry has been a leader in multiple settings from combat zones as a medic in the US Army, to corporate offices learning the ins and outs for building teams and trust through servant leadership. Jerry is the CEO and Senior Consultant of BtR Impact, a consulting and training company focused on helping leaders define success on their own terms so they can live fulfilled, meaningful lives with impact and not lose their faith, their families, or their health.

Jerry is also the host and producer of Beyond the Rut podcast and the author of an upcoming book ‘Beyond the Rut: Create a Life Worth Living in Your Faith, Family, and Career’

Their conversation covers Jerry’s leadership journey in the US Army, his discovery of Servant Leadership a_nd he also talks candidly about a very challenging series of conversations he had with a previous boss, including the ongoing _gaslighting he experienced.

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